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Strolling Magic

David walks around the party mingling with guests, showing them great magic, making them laugh and giving them memories that will last a lifetime. This is magic that happens in your guests’ hands! Magic, that up until then, they've only seen on television!

Comedy Magic Stand-Up Show

This is a blast! The show can be customized to fit your schedule, 15 minutes to an hour long, and is full of interactive magic. David uses guests from the audience in every trick he performs! David isn't looking just to fool you. He doesn't want to just make you laugh. He wants to ENTERTAIN you! This show is the proof!


If you've taken the time to put together an event that will impress, you need a top-notch emcee to tie it all together. David has served as emcee for many high profile company events. As a matter of fact, it's quickly becoming the most popular service he offers. Of course, the emcee work includes much of the magic and comedy that's made him so popular in the corporate world.


"David received the first ever perfect score on our evaluations of speakers and entertainers!"

- Robert Schmidt, Hocking Valley Community Hospital

"David is, and will always be, our only option for a NOSH emcee!"

– Leslie Lucas, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Executive Director

"Wow! This is great! You are a lot goofier than you look!"

- slightly inebriated gentleman at The New Albany Country Club's Fire and Ice Event

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